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Phone Validator to find authentic phone numbers worldwide

Validate Phone number online for free.

With our Phone Validator, you verify and validate the existence of any phone number online for free. You can also find out if the number is mobile or landline and use it for marketing purpose accordingly.

What is Phone Validator?
Phone Validator or Verifier is a simple tool to phone numbers and their properties. It’s free and easy to use. Just enter the Phone Number in E164 format (Eg. 12345678900 for the US) and hit the submit button. It tells you whether the phone number is valid or not. Furthermore, it will also tell you from which country and City the number is associated and if the number is mobile or landline.
Some Popular Usage of Phone Validator or Verifier
  1. Checking the existence of phone numbers.
  2. Find proper international and local formats for calling different countries.
  3. Find if the phone number is mobile or landline number. With this finding, you will be able to analyze if you want to send text/SMS to that number.
  4. Validation of country based on the registered phone number and registered IP address from a sign-up form of your Website or customer portal. Visit IP2Location to find country names based on their IP address.
If you are looking to validate phone numbers in bulk or want a validation system for your website sign-up form just email us your requirement and we will get back to you soon.
Note: We do not store any email address that has been submitted on this website.

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